Wow! Chris Bertish Becomes First Person to Cross Atlantic on a Paddleboard.

Yesterday (March 9th), South African Chris Bertish single-handedly made the majority of our athletic achievements seem really sad and small in comparison by becoming the first person in history to cross the Atlantic Ocean unaided on a stand-up paddle board.

Starting on December 6th in Morocco, Bertish paddled 4,500 nautical miles across the open ocean, ending in Antigua.

Bertish had to travel a distance equal to roughly a marathon every single day. As CNN notes, that speed led to his breaking another world record: “furthest distance traveled solo, unsupported and unassisted over open ocean in a day (71.96 miles).”

Before you get the bright idea of trying to break his new World Record (I know, I know – you’re “a really excellent paddle-boarder and in decent shape for a guy your age”, but no… I will not hold your beer.), bear in mind that Bertish’s paddle board was a custom 20 footer that cost over $100,000 and was complete with satellite communication and an airtight cabin.