These Videos of Guys Getting Their Junk Waxed are Both Hilarious and Terrifying

“Manscaping” Ain’t Easy.

Horrifying.  I’m not sure how women do it.

Keeping things cleaned up below the belt might not be a top priority for a lot of guys, but it probably should be.  Hey, this isn’t the 60’s or 70’s anymore… you can’t just sport a full-blown jungle down there and expect most women to not be at least a  little weirded out.  *(Pro-tip:  Women do, in fact, share extremely sordid and explicit details about you and your body parts with their girlfriends).  Do you really want the rep of having “Ball-Fro”?  I doubt it.

The guys in these videos decided to go all out and get their junk waxed.  On the surface, it makes sense.  Do it once and be good to go for weeks as opposed to the more regular maintenance required when trimming or shaving.  But, after watching the reactions of these dudes… I think I’ll just stick with the clippers, thank you.