Ranch Dressing Now Comes in Kegs

Can’t Get Enough Ranch Dressing? You’re in Luck!

Yes, you read that correctly… you can now get Hidden Valley Ranch dressing in a keg.  This mini keg of creamy goodness will make a great gag gift or conversation piece for your next holiday party… or, if you’re like me and “put that sh*t on everything”, merely save you a trip or two to the grocery store.


Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing by the keg


Part of Hidden Valley Ranch Outlet holiday collection (that also includes ranch-themed Christmas ornaments and holiday apparel), the mini ranch keg will run you $50 and includes a year’s supply of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing!

Height is 9.7 inches and Diameter is 6.3 inches

Stackable and holds up to 5 liters of ranch

Special inside coating meets FDA specifications and keeps the ranch tasting fresh.

**Pre-order today: Item begins shipping December 11**