Fun Facts About Beer Cans

Fun fact number 1 is….  January 24 is Beer Can Appreciation Day!  To celebrate, Rather Be in the Mancave presents some random beer can trivia.  How much do you now about the container of the world’s greatest beverage?


The first canned beer appeared in Richmond, VA in 1934.

gottfried-krueger beer can

The American Can Company had been working on plans to distribute beer in cans as early as 1909.  The company encountered numerous setbacks along the way:  dealing with the resulting metallic taste of the beer, inability to control the pressure of the carbonation, and of course… Prohibition.

The Gottfried-Krueger Brewing Company of Newark, New Jersey had, like most breweries, struggled as a result of Prohibition.  So when the American Can Company offered to pay the cost of building a new canning production line, Krueger agreed.  A test market of Richmond, VA was chosen and in 1934 samples of Krueger’s canned beer were sent to homes along with a questionnaire.  The response was better than expected.  By January of 1935, canned beer was being distributed and sold throughout the city.

These original cans were of the “flat-top” variety which need to be punctured with a “church-key”.

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