Make $17k Just to Stay in Bed for Two Months. You In?

French Study Will Pay You to Stay in Bed.

The French Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology is looking for a handful men aged 20-45 willing to stay in bed for 60 days so they can study the effects that micro-gravity (the near weightlessness that astronauts experience while in space) plays on the human body.

AND – They are willing to pay pretty handsomely:  $17,ooo to be exact.

French Study: Get Paid to Stay in Bed


Although earning the equivalent 8,500 bucks a month for doing literally nothing might seem like a dream job for some of us, keep in mind the following before you start packing your bags and brushing up on your French:

  • Rule of the study is one shoulder must remain in contact with the bed or its’ frame at ALL times.  In other words, ALL eating, drinking, and “other” bodily functions have to be done while lying down… with scientists watching and testing you.
  • Remaining in a prone position for lengthy periods will likely lead to muscle loss, decrease in blood pressure, negative cardiovascular changes, bed sores, and/or vertigo.


Still sound like a good deal to you?  Fill out your application here.