Everybody Poops

These Hilarious Commercials Have Gone Viral and Now “Doing Your Business” is Big Business for These Companies

Aside from the softness, texture, and number of plies of your toilet paper, or the type of throne you sit on… very little has changed in the bathroom since plumbing actually moved indoors.  *Unless, of course, you include the debate as to the proper way to hang your T.P.  (The correct answer is OVER, people!!).

In the past decade, however, there have been a couple of companies trying to change your routine and have been making a killing in the process.


Founded on a shoestring budget in 2007 by Suzie Batiz, Poo-Pourri relied heavily on word-of-mouth advertising until 2013 when the company debuted it’s infamous “Girls Don’t Poop” commercial (scroll down to view).  Despite being ranked as one of the worst ads of 2013 by USA Today, the advertisement became a viral YouTube sensation and Poo-Pourri’s distribution and sales began to soar.

The company then went on to produce a whole series of similarly humorous ads (“Even Santa Poops” and “The Best Thing to Happen to Pooping Since Your Butt” are my personal favorites) around the core concept of hiding the fact that your shit does, in fact, actually stink.

The “potty-humor” strategy is working, apparently.  According to Wikipedia, Poo-Pourri is now a $300 million company as of 2016 with sales exceeding 17 million bottles.

I’ve always been partial to burning matches myself, but I don’t own a $300 million company, either… so what the hell do I know?


Girls Don’t Poop


How to poop at a party


How to poop on a date


The best thing to happen to pooping since your butt


Even Santa poops


Squatty Potty

The concept for the product was conceived in May 2010, after a doctor suggested to Judy Edwards, a long-time sufferer of constipation, that squatting could improve her situation by helping to relax the colon.  She and her partner designed a U-shaped stool to fit around standard toilets and elevate the users knees to simulate a squatting position.

The company found an early proponent of the product.  Howard Stern raved about the Squatty Potty repeated on his satellite radio show after trying it in 2013.  Combining that publicity with an appearance on TV’s  “Shark Tank” and an insanely weird viral video campaign of their own (see below) has resulted in Squatty Potty selling over $30 million very rapidly.

We all knew that sexy sells… but apparently bathroom humor does, as well.