Bye Bye Duct Tape… Hello Braeön

Exploring the amazing variety of uses for duct tape is like a rite of passage for most men.  Until you’ve ridden in a car partially held together by duct tape, or used to bind together a wound instead of going to the emergency room…well, you haven’t truly lived my friend.  The question was never really whether or not duct tape could fix it, it was just a matter of how much duct tape was it going to take.

Duct tape enthusiasm has even reached such great heights that it is now manufactured in different colors and designs specifically for use in a variety of arts & crafts projects.

Although I doubt duct tape will become a thing of the past anytime soon, its’ status as undisputed champion of fixing just about anything may be soon challenged.

Enter Braeön

Braeön is a high strength, lightweight plastic ribbon that molecularly fuses to itself in a matter of seconds. Simply heat, press and repeat to form the plastic into any desired shape. Once cooled, the self-bonding plastic hardens, creating a bond as strong as steel.

A lighter and more versatile alternative to rope, Braeön’s patent pending design is a staple for all outdoor enthusiasts and has a place in every kitchen drawer, tool box and backpack. Create custom grips, handles, and harnesses in seconds. Tow equipment, gear and toys with ease. Brave every adventure with Braeön.

Designed to be:

  • Strong as Steel but Light Like a Feather
  • Malleable and Reformable at Low Temperatures
  • Adaptable to Most Scenarios
  • Moisture Resistant and Paintable
  • Excellent in Extreme Cold Weather
Three men trying to break a strand of Braeön

Three men trying to break a strand of Braeön


Check out this video of how crazy strong the product is:


The company has already surpassed their Kickstarter funding goal, and plans to start shipping to customers March 9, 2017.