Holiday Guide: Bizarre Calendars for Weird People

Stressful.  It’s that time of year again.  No, not Christmas.  The agonizing days leading up to the new year and trying to decide which calendar to choose!  Which one most accurately represents my personality?  Which one will make my co-workers realize I’m funnier and smarter than they are?  Which girly calendar has the hottest women?!

Rather Be in the Mancave is here to help.

This year we recommend bypassing the calendars with nature scenes, famous photographers, and cute puppies and going with something truly bizarre instead.  Something that makes everyone around think “WTF is wrong with you?”.  Perfect.  Stay away from me next year.  I demand silence.  Haha.

And if you’re planning on giving a calendar as gift (because nothing says “I seriously could NOT have put any less thought into buying you a gift even if I tried” than a calendar), at least getting one of the following selections will provide you with some momentary amusement as you watch their eyes dart from the calendar and back to you as they wonder to themselves “Are you freaking serious right now?”

So we proudly present… some of the weirdest calendars you can find on Amazon.  Enjoy!

Section 1 – People

Nuns doing… non Nun stuff.

Having grown up in Catholic school, I’ll admit that seeing a Nun doing anything besides smacking me with a ruler is somewhat of a relief, but I’m not entirely sure why wearing a habit makes ordinary activities suddenly hilarious.  Kinda like men in drag… but I don’t really get that either.  Lol

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The nuns are back! The quirky and divinely hilarious calendar—“habit-forming” according to Maxim and anointed a “Funniest Calendar” by Ellen Degeneres—NUNS HAVING FUN showcases a surprising and utterly delightful side of convent life. Don’t let those stern dark habits fool you— these nuns know how to have a great time. Here are nuns on scooters. Nuns playing Frisbee (“With a fling . . . and a prayer”). Nuns on roller coasters, nuns at the beach, nuns officiating cricket matches (“Even the wicket will be redeemed”). The joyful and sweetly nostalgic photographs are enhanced with witty captions by Maureen Kelly and Jeffrey Stone, coauthors of the New York Times bestseller Growing Up Catholic.

Embarrassing family memories

Now this I can get on board with.  If you’ve never seen Awkward Family Photos before, the you’re in for a treat.  You think you have a yearbook picture that’s embarrassing… you have seen anything yet!  *Bonus points for giving this to someone who actually appears in the calendar.  Haha.

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Whether it’s bad hair, inappropriate poses among siblings or loved ones, odd settings, horrendous wardrobe choices, or the absurd use of props, we’ve all experienced an awkward family photo.

Based on the hugely popular website created by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack, the Awkward Family Photos 2017 Day-to-Day Calendar is filled with the most cringeworthy yet laughable family moments ever captured by a camera, highlighting the best of the worst family photos and giving awkward a whole new meaning.%image_alt%

A calendar so Jewish mothers can not-so-subtly nag their single daughters?

I’m guessing.  Otherwise I see no other earthly reason for this.

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Nice Jewish Guys Wall Calendar: Spend the year with Nice Jewish Guys you’d be proud to take home to Mom!







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