10 Killers Who Filmed Their Own Crimes

Crazy? Sadistic? Stupid? Probably of the above.
Here are ten cases of killers filming their own crimes which ultimately helped authorities put them in jail.

10 Mark Masters And Sean Thompson



Photo credit: BBC

In 2008, teenagers Mark Masters and Sean Thompson were playing a thuggish and brutal game they called “Happy Slap,” which was not so much a game as beating up innocent passersby. When they targeted 29-year-old Gavin Waterhouse, they had a 15-year-old female friend film the attack on her phone. They giggled and joked as they punched Waterhouse repeatedly in the face, then kicked him into unconsciousness after he fell down.

Although he survived the initial attack, Mr. Waterhouse failed to seek medical attention and died three days later, alone in his apartment, from a ruptured spleen. Proud of their work, the teens shared their footage with friends and posted it online. Even though this footage was used to convict the pair in court, they were both sentenced to under 10 years in juvenile detention facilities. Their female friend received two years.



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